Walk-in Physicians Brampton, Mississauga

Now you can see a doctor or health care team member easily by going to your nearest walk-in clinic.  The preference between making an appointment with your family doctor or going to a walk in clinic should be an easy choice for those of you who don’t like to wait for appointment times.  Understandably, waiting for an appointment with your family health provider could just be a headache in itself.

Walk in Physicians

Convenience lies with your choice.  Another reason people may prefer to use walk in clinic physicians is because they simply do not have a family doctor to go to for health care advice.  You can get treatment of any non-life threatening illness, as well as assessment and treatment options for many, many popular illnesses.  Although services provided do vary by location, it is at the discretion of the facility, which emergency situations they decide to treat and when.  If the facility is full of people, they may advise you to go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

When Should I use a Walk-in Clinic Physician?

You can use your own discretion when deciding the type of health care you want to receive.  Walk-in Clinic physicians are licensed to treat patients and prescribe medications, to those that do not have a family doctor or that need the convenience of being able to just “walk-in” and receive appropriate health care services.  You can make the simple choice to use the service of any walk-in clinic physician, if you feel that you have any non-life threatening and non-emergency situation, at hand.

What If I Need This Medical Situation Kept Private?

If you feel any type of awkwardness or embarrassment for any reason, you can get rid of those silly feelings immediately.  All patient information is kept confidential and cannot be released to anyone, without a court order. If you simply fear that, your family doctor may tell your parents or someone else about your visit, and that is the main reason that, he or she isn’t the person you have chosen to evaluate and treat you, then you have made a choice without knowing your rights to your privacy.  ALL DOCTOR-PATIENT INFORMATION IS PRIVILEGED AND MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL AT ALL TIMES. That is of course unless you plan to harm yourself or someone else, then they have a responsibility to you as the patient, to make sure that doesn’t happen.

All doctors always have your very best interests at heart, no matter which site you choose to do the evaluating of your situation.  The important things to keep in mind, is that you get your situation treated in a timely, professional manner and you get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, that is available to you at that specific time.  You never need to worry about the doctor-patient confidentiality, because it is just as important to the physicians treating you, as it is to you.  Doctors like to maintain the mutual level of respect, that is automatically there, between doctors and patients, while making sure you get what you came for in the first place.  That’s professional service, by a qualified professional, along with any recommended treatments.

Where Can I Visit A Walk-In Clinic Physician?

The answer to this question is quite simple.  At your local Walk-In Clinic.  Just look up your urgent care clinic or walk-in clinic in the yellow pages of the telephone book, or simply Google it.  Either of these sources can give you accurate contact information and addresses for the nearest walk in clinic to you or in your neighbourhood.