Two Locations with Zero Wait Walk In Clinics to Serve You Better

Walk-in clinic Mississauga and Brampton: So you are not feeling the best and the wait times at your local hospital are ridiculous. What options do you think that you have ? You might think that you don’t have any but that is NOT the case. Below you will find the information on how you can have zero wait times at the 10-10 Medical Center’s Zero Wait Walk In Clinic near you.

Walk in Clinic Mississauga

Here’s how you can avoid long and agonizing wait times at the 10-10 Medical Centers. We have 2 locations that are equipped with the zero wait walk in option so that we can serve you better and faster.

Upon arrival to the Zero Wait Walk In website.

Location #1 Walk in Clinic Mississauga 

10-10 Medical Center opens daily at 10am and closes nightly at 10pm
777 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ontario

Just call Zero wait walkin and choose location #1 and the website will tell you exactly what time you should arrive at the Zero wait in Mississauga.  Remember to be punctual with your arrival time, otherwise your spot could be given to the next person in line.

Location #2 Walk in Clinic Brampton

Just call Zero wait walkin and choose location #2 and the website will tell you exactly what time you should arrive at the call Zero wait walkin located in Brampton.  Don’t forget to arrive punctually, so that you don’t lose your position in line.

10-10 Medical Center opens daily at 10am and closes nightly at 10pm

8730 the Gore Road

Brampton, Ontario

These Zero Wait Walk-in Clinics have been opened to serve the public  better and of course, more efficiently because we understand that waiting to see a Walk in physician Mississauga and Brampton can be a long and very agonizing process, especially if you have a migraine headache or an upset stomach.  However if you have an emergency situation, never hesitate to go to the closest hospital because the 10-10 medical centers are only equipped to handle non life threatening situations


Remember that walk in clinics are not equipped to handle serious  trauma emergencies.  If you feel that the care you need should be assessed by someone who is trained to treat trauma, please go to your local hospital emergency room.   For your convenience here are a couple of situations that are considered to be trauma emergencies and these situation will NOT be treated by a zero wait walk in clinic.

Possible Emergency Situation

#1-  gunshot wounds

#2-  automobile accidents

#3-  highly contagious and serious infectious diseases( in case quarantine is necessary)

#4- broken bones

#5- teeth extractions (see your local dentist)

#6- poisoned individual ( call poison control or 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY)

Any situation that could be considered an emergency or could be “life-threatening” should be taken seriously and should not be taken to a walk-in clinic.  In the event of all life threatening situations, call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY or go to your closest emergency room at the closest hospital.

As long as you arrive punctually at your scheduled time, the whole walk-in clinic process should go smoothly and quickly for all parties involved.   We know that when you don’t feel well, you just want to get the whole process done and over with.  We will always try our best to work in a quick and efficient manner, while being thorough with the evaluation process.  No one likes feeling under the weather, so we empathize with you, especially if you are feeling under the weather.

Always remember to be courteous and treat all staff members with courtesy and respect at all times.   Your cooperation is always appreciated.