Family Doctors Brampton, Mississauga

Everyone knows that when it comes to finding a Family Doctors Brampton, Mississauga for you or someone in your family, you are certainly being given a difficult task to come through with a positive ending.  This is because of the shortage of family doctors in Ontario.  The shortage is probably the reason why many, many people decide that when they need medical attention, that it is almost easier just to go to a walk in clinic.  Why not?  There is a lot less hassle and you don’t necessarily need to book an appointment with the walk in clinic.

Family Doctors Mississauga

You can just show up there when you are feeling a little under the weather.  With your family doctor, you need to call and book an appointment which is usually not for a few days anyway.  By the time you actually get to see the family doctor, you are feeling better and whatever health issue you had, you no longer have.  If it is about convenience, definitely, the way to go is the walk in clinic.  However, if it as about building a personal relationship with the physician, then you might want to continue trying to find a family doctor in your area.

How Would You Choose A Family Doctor?

When you are choosing someone to take care of you physically, it is not always an easy choice.  Usually, word of mouth is a good way to search for one or you can get in contact with Health Care Connect and they can put you on a waiting list for any new doctors that come to your area.  Often you may not even have the choice of who you get as your family physician, you get what is available in your neighbourhood and that’s that.

Due to the shortage of physicians in Ontario and the province being somewhat crowded, basically the physicians are given to people on a first come first serve basis.  It’s either that or you can go without a doctor and just continue to go to the urgent care clinics in your area.  Like they aren’t backed up enough, right?  So the absolute best advice that can be given to the public if they get the chance to choose a physician.  Don’t be picky about what doctor you choose, because you may just end up not getting one at all.

If you are lucky enough to visit or connect with someone or a service like Health Care Connect, they can advise you of your best options and you can be put on a wait list for doctors that are newcomers to your area.  You will just be given the doctor and you will not have a choice at all.  Doctors are very scarce in Ontario, so let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.  It’s either that or continues to go to walk-in clinics.  The choice is up to you.